Strategy & Planning

Strategic business planning, marketing planning and correct budget and KPI setting, should be the foundation of your business.

If they are not, then drop me a line and let me review and work with you to ensure your business can build on solid foundations.

Not quite sure what the plan is?

Are your budgets and targets aligned?

Do you even have budgets?

Strategic Support

Having written many marketing and business strategies over the past 20 years, let me look over your current plan and hopefully fine tune it

There is often a knowledge gap in many businesses between the top level board/owners and the guys in the coal face.

By understanding your desires for the business we can build a strategic plan to allow you to get there by delivering a costed, targeted plan.

Budget Planning

Without a handle on costs, how can you measure success. And without planned budgets, how can you apportion spend.

By putting in place budgets aligned to your business goals, you give yourself and your team, the perfect opportunity to deliver.

KPI & Target Setting

What is the goal, how much do you need to spend to get there and where are you spending that money?

Putting in place Key Performance Indicators, helps you regularly assess the performance of your business and the effectiveness of you marketing operation. If you are falling below in key areas you can quickly see and then put in place plans to rectify.

Chptr4 have made a huge difference to us. Creating a marketing strategy, monitoring and reporting on sales and media coverage each month has allowed us better understand what works for us and our customers. Subsequently sales have almost doubled in 2 years. This has enabled us to grow the team, making the business even more efficient and profitable. We cannot recommend Chptr4 enough!

James Williams – J-Tech Suspension

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