Digital Support

Business is moving online. The rise in online shopping over the past few years has been incredible and the growth in all digital channels shows no sign of abating.

Can you afford, not to be online? Let me help you take your business online or improve the performance of your online channels.

Getting lost in the digital mindfield?

Social Media driving you mad?

Need help navigating the digital landscape?

Social Media

Some people love it, some people hate it, but regardless it is more and more important to your business. From brand awareness to customer service, few brands will be able to own their market space, without a sound social media strategy.

Let me help you plan the attack and, if needed, let me create and deliver content for you.

Digital Planning and Delivery

Making sure your site is optimised and that it is delivering the correct message to the correct audience has never been more important.

Plugged into your businesses KPIs your website should be driving sales or awareness for your product or service, if it isn’t showing growth, why not?

Online Content Creation

Website copy, product descriptions, content rich blog posts and of course social media, all place a huge burden on your team, but are vitally important to get right. Just because you know your product or service doesn’t mean you can effectively communicate it to your customers.

Customers buy benefits, businesses often sell features. Let me review and supply content to enable you to better communicate with your customers online

Website Build Management

If you don’t already have an optimised website, you probably don;t have the peoepl in your business to give you one. Taking that leap and talking to professional website buid agencies can seem like a duanting prospect.

Having delivered numerous websites and managed multiple agencies over the years, I can help navigate you through this and deliver results driven websites.

The addition of a YouTube channel and directing us on how to improve social media effectiveness has really helped us raise the profile of the business.  We are now much more efficient and effective in our marketing and subsequently sales have almost doubled in 2 years.

James Williams – J-Tech Suspension

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